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Laura's historical fiction novel "Springs from Winter Rise" is set in 1930s east Texas, where we meet Emily, a sharp student with plans to attend university for a teaching degree. Her senior year nearly complete, she survives the most devastating school disaster in US history, the New London school explosion of 1937. This true, historical tragedy killed nearly 300, most of them children, and led to the introduction of an odor to natural gas.



The novel follows Emily's life post-explosion as she struggles with mental trauma and depression. An encouraging teacher and others help her cope with her demons and attempt to overcome what the Great War doctors called "shell shock." Will Emily finally go to university or stay in her comfortable, if staid, east Texas life?

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Now Available

Through Layered Limestone:

a Texas Hill Country anthology of place

Through Layered Limestone: a Texas Hill Country anthology of place features poetry, prose and photography that sets readers firmly in the allure and beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Through history and descriptive narratives, the anthology brings to life the fullness of living in this unique landscape. Laura’s photo appears on the cover, and she has two other photos inside, as well as her poem, “The Old Sanitarium,” and a short story, “Teapot Rock.” All proceeds benefit the Dietert Historical Archives at the Patrick Heath Public Library, Boerne, Texas. Order your copy today!




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